Luminous Pixel Projects

Here are some of the diverse projects I've created for clients, employers, myself, and friends.

Samco Fabrication

Samco Fabrication
Samco Fabrication, an offroad fabrication shop in Reno, NV, has been online since 2004 and their website had evolved into several disparate sections. The main site had gone from Joomla to Concrete 5. Much of their content was in the form of images managed by Menalto Gallery 2. Samco had also started selling some of their unique offroad products with an OSCommerce installation. Maintaining a cohesive look and feel across these products was a challenge and updates and site maintenance fell behind.

I implemented a new site using Drupal 6 with the Ubercart, Views and assorted utility modules. I started with the Bluemasters theme, making several modifications to accommodate the logo, menu structure, and typographic preferences.

Migrating products from OSCommerce to Ubercart was an easy process. We also took the time to automate the online sales process, integrating FedEx shipping quotes and Nevada sales tax lookups. Many of Samco Fabrication's customers are local so the option for will call pickups was useful. We implemented PayPal payments and gave online customers the option to call in payments. Alex Baker, Samco's business development manager, described working with Ubercart as "Easy, much easier than the old OSCommerce".

The Gallery integration module was useful to integrate the existing photo galleries. We plan to work with Samco to migrate much of this content to article form, going beyond sparsely captioned images to describing the custom work that goes into each project.

The Views module was used to customize the way the News section was displayed. Teasers for each update are displayed on the front page of the site and the full articles are displayed chronologically or individually.

Bess Lynn Portfolio

I worked with Seattle based artist Bess Lynn to create a unique portfolio highlighting her conventional and digital art in various mediums. A striking, bold and unique design were priorities in building the site. I worked closely with Bess to build a site design and theme that reflected her art and aesthetic sense.