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QR Codes

You've just demonstrated a simple example of using a QR code effectively. There are several more:

  • Separate codes for different campaigns, media and approaches to measure web response to marketing. Create a code and an URL for each piece you want to track and use Google Analytics to track responses to each. While not everyone will scan a QR code you will still be able to compare response rates across campaigns to get feedback on what is driving people to your site.
  • Incorporate brand colors, logos, images, and more into the QR code. While I've simply used my color scheme to decorate my QR code, more can be done. These barcodes can trade size for scanning resiliency, allowing a small image, logo or other changes to be made without sacrificing effectiveness.
  • Target mobile media effectively. Most people will be scanning your QR code with a smartphone, make sure your page responds effectively.